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BOPX EZ Valve Automated Valve Alignment System

Process Efficiency Process efficiency is an important factor to reducing operation cost and increasing productivity.  Process efficiency in BOP testing can decrease the testing time exponentially, streamlining the process from beginning to end.  Digital chart records... read more

BOPX Training Course

BOPX Training Course Engenuity Inc offers a one day BOPX Training Course that focuses on our EZ Chart and EZ Build software platforms.  Training is open to all of our customers and those who operate these systems for them. Increase Knowledge to Improve Efficiency Your... read more

Introducing EZ Chart Lite

  EZ Chart Lite Engenuity Inc. introduces a smaller, lighter EZ Chart: EZ Chart Lite.  EZ Chart Lite is a full featured BOP testing system that includes a Getac table and an USB and/or Bluetooth wireless transducer.  EZ Chart Lite monitors the test pressure, via... read more

IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference & Exhibition

  Engenuity Inc will be exhibiting at the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference and Exhibition.  We will be show casing all our latest technologically advanced products and solutions.  We will also be demonstrating our EZ Chart system.  This system is an... read more

Decision Making Matrix

There are some things in life we do on a daily basis.  Decision making is one of them.  It can be as simple as what do I want for lunch today or on the other end of that spectrum down to the most complicated decision one has to make in life.  Decision making can be a... read more

EZ Build Enhancement

EZ Build Enhancement Engenuity Inc is excited to announce the latest release of our EZ Build software. This release includes functionality that allows  BOP test sequences developed in EZ Build to be transferred to our automated EZ Test hydrostatic test system. With... read more

EZ Press

The BOPX EZ Test systems have the capability of running two different hydrostatic pressure testing methods.  One is the standard pressure decay method and the other is the newly developed EZ Press which is a constant pressure – variable volume method. The EZ... read more

Leak Rate vs Pressure Decay

When you are sick, would you rather treat the sickness by searching for the symptoms to find the cause or find the direct cause of the sickness to treat it.   I think we all can agree that we would want to treat the actual cause of the sickness.  In a sense when you... read more