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EZ Chart 2The EZ Chart with Flow is one of two electronic chart recorders including EZ Chart Monitoring that Engenuity Inc. has to offer.  EZ Chart with Flow is an electronic chart recorder designed to provide an intuitive interface for electronically recording and displaying test parameters with the ability to input custom information such as well information; with the added feature of recording and displaying flow rate.  The resolution of the test reading is 0.1 psi making it easy to read and eliminating the guess work that can be associated with standard hard to read, low resolution mechanical circle charts. With zoom in ability you can quickly view pressure decay rates and time data precisely and easily.

Increases Safety

The EZ Chart is an electronic chart recorder has predefined safety parameters and algorithms that monitors the hydrostatic test process and it provides warnings for potentially dangerous test conditions such as over pressurization.


Features Benefits

  • Safer
  • Pressure range up to 20,000 psi
  • Displays Flow
  • Robust portable case
  • Battery powered
  • Saves time
  • Easy determination of pass / fail decision
  • Real time data acquisition
  • Custom adapters available
  • Zoom In ability to time and pressure
  • Ruggedized lightweight notebook
  • Quick rig up / connect
  • Quick connect interfaces